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Why Boy Scout Troop 280?

Troop 280 is based in Chandler, Arizona, which is just south of Phoenix.  BSA Troop 280 is proud to be one of the most active and strongest Boy Scout troops in Arizona. We provide a great environment for all of our boys to be exposed to the outdoors, to learn life skills and yet most importantly - to have a ton of fun doing all this.

Arizona is blessed with phenomenal access to the outdoors,  a great climate for most of the year and tremendous diversity in terrains and geographical zones.  We make it our mission to make the most of what Arizona has to offer through hiking, camping and enjoying high adventure activities.
Our scouts have the opportunity to be involved in the community through our sponsoring organization (Epiphany Lutheran Church), Eagle Scout projects and their schools. They mature and develop into fine young men and their character and achievements speak for themselves.
 We encourage our boys to bring their friends to a meeting to see for themselves how much fun this is.  If you are a Cub Scout, Webelos or a Boy Scout looking for a new home, you are welcome to join us for a meeting or an outing to see what we do and how we do it! 

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About Us

 Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop 280 is based at the Ephiphany Lutheran Church in Chandler Arizona. Directions -Map
We are a Boy led troop but have a strong adult leader group that provides support to the troop to ensure their successful and safe operation.  
The troop meets on Thursday evenings at 7:00 - 8:30 pm.  The first Thursday of the month is patrol meeting so no general troop meeting is held on that day.  Full troop meetings are held on the second, fourth and fifth (if applicable) Thursday of the month, the third Thursday of the month is dedicated to Patrol Leaders Council and Committee Meetings.  Our scouts are organized in patrols according to age to assist them in targeting activities that are helpful and appropriate to their progression within the troop and their scouting experience. 
The troop takes an active interest in hiking and camping.  The hiking calendar is structured to suit hikers of all abilities as well as training and a build up for the more challenging outings.  Arizona is blessed with spectacular scenery and so it is no surprise that the Grand Canyon and Sedona areas are amongst the troop's favorite destinations.     
The troop does hold meetings over the summer and plans a variety of fantastic activities, including Summer Camp, where newbies can get a good start on badgework while having a great deal of fun too in the cooler climate of the Coconino Forests of the Mogollon Rim.  High adventure outings are also planned to offer more challenging experiences to advanced scouts.   

What's Best About BSA?

 Everything! Boy Scouts of America teaches life lessons, a positive attitude, and even gives you a better outlook on life.

Scouting gives opportunities that would never be possible for an ordinary teenager. Camping, hiking, backpacking, pioneering, rifle and shotgun shooting are all part of the experience that many boys simply will not get to experience any how else.

There are also scholarship opportunities for those who achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.